DIANA GUERRERO-MACIÁ at South Bend Museum of Art

Diana Guerrero-Macia  most recent work was on display in June 2016 at the South Bend Museum of Art.  The show titled Slow Blossoming (Minding the Gap) was an installation of textile and fabric panels hand sewn by the artist and fabric on the ground with brightly colored 3d ladders and cubes that can be moved around at the viewer's discretion. The installation is meant to be moved around pushed and pulled and truly activated when the viewer physically engages with the work and the space. 

The artists's words about this installation:

Here the sculptures echo the decimal-based forms of Cuisenaire Rods, a modern tool to teach children basic math and fittingly, a reference to the iconic American quilt patterns of Log Cabin & Basic Patch. The rational objects support and contrast to the psychedelic textiles. Embedded in the hand-stitched textiles are Signs – pointing to, in no particular order – Numerical Statistics of current Gender Pay-Gap discrepancies, Sentient Creatures, All-Seeing Eyes, Symbols of Dissent & Assent, Embedded Woodland Animals, The Hunt, Amusements, Alchemic Star Charts, and Signifiers of the Self.


Clare BrittComment