Clare Britt Photo traveled to New Orleans, LA to shoot our wedding. We had approximately 65 guests for an 8 hour event. Even though Clare Britt was not familiar with New Orleans, she immediately took advantage of neighborhood locations before, during and after the ceremony to capture our friends and family. She knew exactly what kind of light would be flattering, and made some quick on-the-fly decisions to include quirky backgrounds that allowed for some truly stunning and diverse photo backdrops. Some of the family portraits are my absolute favorite. She's really great at remembering people's names that she just met, and calling them by name to ask them to button their jacket or shift their body to better fit the portrait format. Several people remarked upon seeing the photos that Clare has a real knack for capturing a range of expressions in our couple's portraits -- flirtatious, serious, romantic, funny. Further, she did a nice job editing the photos so that we have a range of styles and color palettes to choose from. Clare also worked very hard to gather individual and couples shots of every single person at our wedding. We were able to create a stunning book that shows every moment of our special day. I fully recommend Clare Britt Photo for your next wedding (we heard she also does special events, headshots, etc. -- which I think she must be great at because she has a gift for putting her subjects at ease)!

Lauren Adams


Clare is amazing to work with! She brings fun, comfort, easiness and an ability to connect with you, which gets beautifully captured in her pictures. She listens and works with you on what is most important to you as far as capturing your special day.

Megha Taylor


Clare is an extremely creative photographer who was able to capture all of the shots we wanted. She's great at connecting with people which helps her bring out the best in everyone, while getting the images she needs.

Stef Cole


Clare was so great to work with- very professional, clear and direct on what she wanted from us, and what her plans were regarding the photos. We got exactly what we were looking for!

Matthew Carter


Clare Britt was a joy to work with! She was timely and professional. She did such a great job with organizing us even when we were chaotic and all over the place. I loved her attention to detail. She was great about having you straighten a strap, stand up tall, move the piece of hair our out of the way of the embellishment on the dress etc.. That sort of detail is very important, as a small thing out of place can ruin a great photo. Clare also helped keep our very young flower girl and boy engaged in the photo sessions, which was not an easy task! Most of all, the photos came out beautifully. Clare got them to us quickly. There were many of them for us to pick from, which greatly appreciated. We couldn't recommend a better photographer for your special event!

Christy Patika Liggett